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Who We Are

Butyle is the online marketplace for beauty and wellness professionals and clients. Bridging the gap between professionals and clients. Professionals can expose their work and clients can discover new services and salons to achieve new beauty experience.

Butyle is a new way to find and book beauty services.

If you are a barber or beauty professional, you can set up your professional virtual salon and let clients know you are ready and available to be booked online. Include your services, business work hours and photo gallery. Manage your books and orders. Check your appointment and be announced. Join to our promotion plans to catch more clients and make yourself easy to find and be booked by them.

What You Will Do

Make your own business and stay in touch

1. Make your own business and stay in touch

Butyle helps barbers and beauty professionals be in touch with their clients. When it comes time to keep in touch, we make it easy for you and your clients. Butyle helps you to save your clients by introducing new technologies and tools. They can book your services and set an appointment by their mobile phone and online. As well as you keep your client, Butyle bring new clients to you and you can develop your business and increase your income. If you are new one and want to start a business of your own, Butyle helps you to run your new business. You can build your virtual salon and define your services. Introduce yourself and upload your work sample. Join to our campaign and catch clients. Do your best for clients and increase your income and your reputation.

Be organized and get ready for your closevy

2. Be organized and get ready for new clients

Define your profile, services and salon. Precise your information to be shown in search criteria. Upload photos and sample work to be identified and attractive. Set your exact work hours and be careful to be on time. If you set an appointment with your client fill your calendar, then Butyle fill your release times.

Manage your appointment

3. Manage your appointments

Arrange all appointments with Butyle. If your customer book her appointment by phone, don’t forget to reserve this time on Butyle. Butyle reminds you about scheduling time. It also prevent to reserve another book on reserved slots. If an appointment set by Butyle, your calendar slot automatically shows busy and you recognize that there is a customer for this time slot. Relax and take it easy, it prevent time slot conflicts. Your customer also be satisfied.

Do your bese and make your brand

4. Do your best and make your brands

Every professional and salon is qualified by rate and review. Top professionals and salons have more chance to catch new clients. We introduce top rated professionals and salons every week and propose them to our customers.

How We Can Help You Grow Your Business


Increase your revenue

With our market place and its abilities, you have a chance to get double clients and increase your revenue. You can introduce your services and be online to catch new clients.

Keep your clients and gain new ones

Keep your clients and gain new ones

Access to our thousands of clients and although still keep your clients by making new facilities and attractive points for them, have a double chance to have new clients.

Fill your calendar with butyle

Fill your calendar

When you are out of work, Butyle makes appointment for you and put on your calendar. Also, your off-peak hours are shown discounted by your setup to make more chance to fill.

Build your reputation

Build your reputation

Join Butyle’s family to be seen more and gain reputation. You can introduce your beauty salon and your services. Show your experience and gain more rate and review. Use Butyle’s features to expose your abilities to our clients.

Have free Ads with butyle

Have free Ads

Butyle organize exciting campaigns for clients. You can join us on campaigns, we will present your services to see more. It is free of charge. You can also gain more score to be on top. We will introduce top barbers and salon every week.

Manage your daily appointments

Manage your daily appointments

Butyle helps you to order your appointments. You can see and manage them. Receiving notification and SMS when new appointment is booked. Plus if you are a salon manager you can check your employee’s appointments.

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